Our Approach

Quality compounds for Vets only, provided with clinical support and flexibility

We do not dispense to pet owners directly, our Vet compounds are designed and packaged for dispensing by you.

You are 100% in control over what your patients get, and there is no erosion of your Rx business.

Many of our common formulations are guaranteed delivery the next business day. 

Allows fast treatment initiation and lower operating costs due to reduced need for inventory.

Our experienced veterinary compounding pharmacists can review the clinical literature, identify evidence based dosing guidelines, and create custom formulations for you. 

We provide expert support without additional costs. Innovative solutions improve efficacy and enhance your reputation.

Our delivery fee is among the lowest in the industry, $4 to any clinic in Toronto with a postal code starting with ‘M’. 

Lets you maintain margins while offering competitively priced medications.

We can provide compounded medications in a variety of packaging formats, whether you want a multi-animal supply from which you will dispense, or individual sized packages.

Options allow you to practice as you prefer and offer patient centric solutions.

The right formulation can improve compliance and efficacy resulting in better outcomes. We have been compounding for over two decades and have top quality clinical and formulation resources to call upon. When you have need for a novel formulation our pharmacists can find solutions that work.

You get value added expertise and therapeutic options without additional cost.

We recognize that not all clinical situations are readily addressed by available compounds or dosage forms. We’ll work with you to come up with a solution that fits your patient’s needs. 

Customized solutions can improve efficacy and safety, patient satisfaction, margins and your reputation.