Personalized Medicine and
Our Reputation for Quality

All of our vet compounds are made to the same high quality standards as our human compounds.

By adhering to Good Compounding Practice (GCP) guidelines. Our facilities and systems are also designed to ensure quality and safety at every step.

All of our compounds go through 5 checks to ensure accuracy, appropriateness, and quality before reaching you.

Using GDP helps standardize our processes and verify accuracy to ensure you receive what you ordered.

We only use medical grade Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and excipients.

We will work with you to find an evidence-based solution for your patient’s compliance needs.

Our decades-long experience compounding for humans means our compounds are produced using a proven system of processes and procedures.

With many years of compounding experience our expert staff are well-trained and committed to your patients.

The Right Strength

For over 20 years has specialized in compounding personalized strengths of medication for individuals. Personalized medicine demands quality and precision compounding to deliver exact strengths of medication based on each individual patient’s needs.

Quality compounded products provide good efficacy and outcomes, improved safety, and enhancement of your professional reputation. They also mean spending less clinic time resolving product problems with patients.

The Right Formulation

Our focus on Personalized Medicine has meant developing compounding skills in a full range of compounding forms and formulations, including

* oral solid dosage forms
* oral liquids
* transdermals
* oral sustained release formulations
* ear packs
* creams
* lotions
* medicated shampoos
* ointments